Isfahan, 03 March 2018
Department of Futures Studies at the University of Isfahan was honored on the occasion of the World Future Day. It hosted a scientific conference on the alternative futures of job. At this scientific event, with the presence of more than thirty startup companies and 600 professors and students from the province of Isfahan, a recorded video message from Dr. Erik F. Øverland, President of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) was shown
Also Mr. Victor Vahidi Motti, Director – Secretariat of the WFSF, and Dr. Mohsen Taheri Demneh, faculty member of the University of Isfahan and full member of the WFSF delivered lectures on the replica watches futures of job
University of Isfahan is one of four Iranian universities active in the field of futures studies education. You can read a report on this event here , and you can also see World Future Day Message from the WFSF President from the YouTube link here

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